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hat is one of the best ways to invest in yourself? By investing in your career. You owe it to yourself and your family to do everything you can to excel in your career. Every day you delay investing in yourself is costing you money. You are betraying yourself by not investing in your career because it means you’re settling for much less than you could have to support the lifestyle you and your family deserves. You can receive higher pay and more promotions and be much more likely to reach your potential.

Job interview training

Let’s face it. It’s the interview that gets you the job. It’s the most important puzzle of the job application process. Career Coach Max can work with you to customise a job interview training package for you depending on how thorough you want to go.

Things I can teach you regarding job interview training are:

  • How to structure and answer the most common 18 interview questions.

  • How to respond to awkward and difficult questions.

  • How to research a company and build a network.

  • How to do phone and video interviews effectively.

  • How to negotiate the best salary possible.

  • How to see if you and the company are a good fit for each other before deciding to take the role.

  • How to employ likeability and rapport building techniques.

  • And much more.

What my career coaching and training clients say

Are you ready to be empowered and achieve your career goals?

It’s time for you to make the right decision for your career today.


Empowerment career coaching

With my career coaching you’ll learn how to become inspired to enjoy the journey in the pursuit of your ultimate career goal.

You’ll have a shift in mindset that will bring about a more peaceful, determined and powerful mindset. After all:

• What good is having a great CV if you’re a depressed jobseeker?
• What good is interviewing for a role when you feel insecure and fear being judged or rejected?
• How can you achieve your goal when your focus is constantly interrupted by destructive external issues and people such as negative family members and friends, constant bad news in the media and negative self-talk?

In the pursuit of anything worthwhile in any area of life, we will inevitably meet resistance, adversity and setbacks.

How you emotionally react to these is key to you overcoming them.

With my empowerment career coaching you can learn:

  • The 2 main human motivators.

  • How the quality of your emotions is ultimately responsible for your success.

  • The ‘5 Musts’ for Changing How to Think.

  • 10 Principles for Courageous Living.

  • 16 Emotional Channelling Techniques (just use the ones that you feel most comfortable with. You’ll only need to use 2-3 daily).

  • When you apply the above techniques and principles, you can face the challenges in your job search in a much more positive manner.

  • Which beliefs you hold are holding you back and how to challenge and change your conditioned beliefs that are holding you back.

  • And much more.

What my career coaching and training clients say

Career coaching for school leavers and graduates

Imagine knowing how to avoid the mistakes most people make throughout their career that slow down their career progression by years and costs them tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary.

If you’re just finishing secondary school or a tertiary qualification at a university or polytechnic, then you will give yourself a massive advantage for the rest of your career if you invest in a few hours of career coaching.

The best time to invest in career coaching is before you’ve ever spent a day working. This is because from the beginning of your career journey, you’ll know how to spot your achievements and how to quantify them into meaningful metrics that can go into your CV and be brought up in job interviews.

I have dealt with many clients over the years, and often they can’t remember any metrics (numbers, dollars or percentages) from their earlier roles. First, they just forget them as the years pass, but they also often never even knew them to take note of because no one ever told them that is what most employers want to see and hear most in your CV and interviews.

With my career coaching, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO AVOID THIS MASSIVE MISTAKE and will guarantee yourself an increasingly strong CV that employers love as your career progresses.

Personalised career coaching

With my Personalised Career Coaching Package, you can decide how many hours of career coaching you want and what areas you want to cover. For example, you may want to cover your CV, cover letter writing and job search strategies. Or perhaps you want to mix and match things from the interview training and the empowerment career coaching programmes. It’s up to you. The only thing I recommend is that you commit to at least 6 hours of career coaching to make the most of it.

The process for a training or career coaching package

Are you ready to be empowered and achieve your career goals?

It’s time for you to make the right decision for your career today.