Life is too short to waste time taking the slow road in your career path.


areer Coach Max offers you the support, tools and strategies to help you take the path that leads to more and faster success.

I want to help you get the job you want and achieve your career goals. I’ve known a lot of highly educated and skilled people who would do very well in many positions but aren’t able to sell themselves properly to prospective employers and recruiters. My mission is to help you stand out to employers with powerful CVs and resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, so that they’ll want to call you to set up that all important interview.

I’m also here to help you prepare effectively for job interviews as well as teaching you ways to reach your career goals much faster than you could do by yourself.

Ready to move up in your career?

It’s time for you to make the right decision for your career today.


When you work with Career Coach Max you can:

  • Have powerful written job application documents including a keyword optimised CV that reflects your achievements and strengths, cover letters that stand out and catch the hiring managers’ attention. A LinkedIn profile that actually tells recruiters something useful about you and makes you turn up more in online searches.
  • Optimise your job interview training performance and be confident, not just for an upcoming interview, but for the rest of your career.
  • Learn powerful salary negotiation skills that can help you earn several thousands of dollars in less than half an hour.
  • Be empowered by learning the 10 Principles for Success and the 16 Emotional Channelling Techniques that can change your career path from average to one of high achievement and rapid progression.
  • Have a support partner that advises you and keeps you accountable during your job-hunting process or career progress.

  • And much, much more.

What my clients say

Why you should choose Career Coach Max:

  • I have proven results in helping my clients get their ideal jobs.
  • I have helped pave the way for several migrants to get suitable job offers so they can apply for residency.
  • I don’t outsource the writing of your CV, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to contractors. I do it in-house.
  • Your documents are all done by me, a native English speaker who was born and grew up here in New Zealand.
  • I have a growing network of business and recruiting contacts that I can put you in contact with if you’re a suitable match.
  • I can speak Chinese and lived in China for 7 years, so I can empathise with people from East Asia, particularly from China.
  • I provide you with a personal service where you have direct contact with me throughout the whole process.

What my clients say

About me 关于我 Sobre mí

Hello, friends! I’m Max Bronson. I’m crazily passionate about working with you to get the job you want, to change careers or continue to advance in your dream career. I work with you to have more job opportunities, breakthrough career plateaus and even change careers. Even if you’re a recent graduate entering the workforce, I can equip you with knowledge and strategies that will pay you back over and over for the rest of your career and give you a massive advantage over other graduates competing with you for entry-level roles.

I have been in this career coaching and CV writing field since 2015. I’m a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC), a Certified Professional Resume / CV Writer (CPRW), a Certified Professional Interview Professional (CEIP) and a Certified Empowerment and Motivation Professional (CEMP). I’m also a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC), which holds me to the highest standards of professionalism.

I’m a native English speaker and fluent in Mandarin. I’m also learning Spanish and loving it.

If you’re ready to start the journey to getting the job you want or to advance in your career faster than you could ever do by yourself, then phone me on +64 9 393 2610 or email me at Thank you!

朋友们好! 我叫Max Bronson, 中文名字是高迪。我就是那个满怀热忱,帮你实现职业理想,拿到梦想工作的人!从创造更多职业机遇,突破职场瓶颈,到转换职业跑道。即使你是刚刚毕业的职场新鲜人,我会从战略上和知识上把你武装起来,让你领先进入职场快车道,俾睨群雄。

作为著名专业机构 Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC) 的成员, 我从业已有五年多。我拥有职业规划师资质 Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC), 职业简历师资质 Certified Professional Resume / CV Writer (CPRW), 职业面试培训师资质 Certified Professional Interview Professional (CEIP) 以及职业激励师资质 Certified Empowerment and Motivation Professional (CEMP)。


如果你准备好迎接新的职业挑战,如果你想要在职场遥遥领先占得先机,如果你想要尽快驶入职业快车道,那就联系我吧 +64 9 393 2610 或者 谢谢!

Hola, amigos! Me llamo Max Bronson. Soy un gran apasionado por trabajar contigo para conseguir el trabajo que quieres, cambiar de carrera o continuar avanzando en la carrera de tus sueños. Trabajo contigo para que tengas más oportunidades laborales, progreses en tu carrera profesional o hasta cambies de carrera. Incluso si eras un recién graduado que apenas ingresa al mercado laboral, puedo equiparte con el conocimiento y las estrategias que te beneficiarán por el resto de tu carrera y que te darán una inmensa ventaja sobre otros recién graduados que compiten contigo por roles.

Desde el año 2015 he estado trabajando en los campos de orientación profesional y redacción de hojas de vida. Soy un Orientador Profesional Certificado [Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)], un Escritor Certificado de Hojas de Vida y CV [Certified Professional Resume / CV Writer (CPRW)], un Profesional Certificado en Entrevistas Laborales [Certified Professional Interview Professional (CEIP)] y un Profesional Certificado en Empoderamiento y Motivación Profesional [Certified Empowerment and Motivation Professional (CEMP)]. Adicionalmente, soy miembro de la Asociación Profesional de Escritores de Hojas de Vida y Oriendatores Profesionales [Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC)], la cual me compromete con los más altos estándares de profesionalismo.
Inglés es mi lengua materna y hablo fluido Mandarín. Viví en Tianjin (China) por 7 años y en Daegu (Corea del Sur) por 1 año. De momento estoy aprendiendo Español y lo estoy disfrutando mucho.

Si estas listo para emprender el viaje hacia obtener el trabajo que quieres o avanzar en tu carrera más rapido de los que podrías por ti solo, entonces llámame al +64 9 393 2610 o escríbeme al correo electrónico Gracias!

Ready to move up in your career?

It’s time for you to make the right decision for your career today.